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7. Edit a gameboard

When you use the "Edit board"-option from the Edit menu, the user-interface changes to allow you to edit the gameboard in any way you like.

In this mode you can add or remove pieces or gipf-pieces of any colour and change the "lost pieces"-counters to create any gipf-situation you want.

When you changed the board to your liking, you can start playing from that situation.

7.1 Select what type of piece to add

There are 2 ways to select the type of piece you want to type of piece you want to add to the board:

7.2 Add or remove a piece from the board

To add a piece, just move the mouse over the position where you want to put the new piece and click. This will put the currently selected type of piece at that position and adapt the counter of available pieces for the corresponding colour.

Removing a piece is just as easy. Move the mouse over the piece you want to remove and click. The piece will be removed and the corresponding counter adapted.

If you want to replace a piece with a different one then you have to click twice, once to remove the old piece and again to place the neagain to place the new piece.

7.3 Changing the "lost pieces"-counters

For changing the number of pieces lost by each player there are 2 counters at the bottom of the window.

Pressing the left-button of a counter will decrease the number (not below 0), pressing the right-button will increase it.

Automatically, the number of available pieces will be updated correctly.

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