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Finally, I made version 1.0.

This version is practically complete: you can now interrupt the computer-player whenever you want and when playing a timed game, the computer-player will make sure he doesn't run out of time.

One disadvantage: the computer-player is slower than the previous version. He may get faster again in the future, but for the moment this is the best I can do.


Version 0.99.5 solves the very annoying problem of crashing when you click on the wrong position. The MS Windows version now also has an icon.


After a long silence you can now get version 0.99.4 of GF1. It doesn'tion 0.99.4 of GF1. It doesn't contain any spectacular new features, but it should solve some annoying bugs (check HISTORY.txt for more info). One new feature is the possibility to save a board-position as a GIF-file.

As you may have noticed, the web-site has moved again. It is now at http://www.crosswinds.net/antwerp/~gf1/, all previous addresses are now invalid.


Version 0.99.3 is now available. All menu-options are implemented now and the manual is reasonably complete.


The server that takes care of the URL http://gf1.home.ml.org/ is out of order for a few weeks. Please use http://www.lowrent.org/gf1/ for now.


The new version with a completely new user-interface is now available. This is a beta-version, so some things may not work yet and the documentation isn't complete.
But I think it'ete.
But I think it's ready to be used now.

I switched from V for the user-interface to FLTK because I think FLTK has more possibilities.


I moved the web-pages for GF1 to a new server. Now I have 5 MB of space to play with. So you can expect more versions, screenshots and documentation here shortly. Thanks to lowrent.org.
The URL remains http://gf1.home.ml.org.

I am working very hard on a new version with a new user-interface (Much nicer than the current one I think). The first beta-version will probably be available in a week or two.


NEW: GF1 0.91b, solves a stupid bug in the last version.


It looks like there are problems with the playing-strength of the latest version of GF1 (v 0.91).
Please check back in a few days, then I will probably have a newer versprobably have a newer version.

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