This is the place where I thank the people who sent me a postcard because they like GF1.

(It's not to late to get your name on the GF1-website, just send me a postcard.)

Stephen Tavener (UK)
4 * Andre & Lidy De Laet (Belgium)
Kris Burm (Belgium)
Alan Baljeu (Canada)
Udo Moller & Sandra Diesel (Germany)
Mickel Knight (USA)
Roland Johansson (Sweden)
Jean-Pierre Avy (France)
Neil Cleverly (England)
Lars Dietrich (Germany)
Mohamed Ghanem (Canada)
Andre (Austria)
Hanna ...(Germany)
Demian Walvisch (Belgium)
Christine Pabst (Germany)
Sue Hoffmann (Germany)
Alie Rutteman (the Netherlands)
Stephan (Germany)
Ulrich Roth (Spain)
Franco Baseggio (USA)
Fred Kok (the Netherlands)
Gerben Dirksen (the Netherlands)
unreadable (Whitehorse, Canada)
Kees Ruijten (the Netherlands)
Ton vd Klauw (the Netherlands)

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Kurt Van den Branden
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