The homepage for my latest, greatest program: Gipf for One (GF1)



Sourceforge changed the links for downloading software, so you couldn't download GF1 anymore from this page.

Sorry, no new software available.

In the mean time I've also written modules for playing Gipf and Zertz on Richards PBeM-server. So if you want to play one of these games against other human players and know how to use e-mail, go to pbmserv.


GF1 won the Computer Olympiad tournament for Gipf in Maastricht. GF1 beat Gipfted 6 - 2 after some interesting games.

The version of GF1 that played in the tournament isn't available yet, but you will be able to download it here shortly. It's at least twice as fast as version 1.03.

The logfiles of the games played in Maastricht can be found on the main gipf website.

I'm finally back to working on GF2.

I've put a document here with my ideas about playing Gipf over the internet. Please read it and send me all your comments.

Version 1.03 has only been on the server for 2 days and there have already been about 80 downloads of this version. So it looks like there are a lot more users then the ones I know of.


Verion 1.03, no major changes but lots of small improvements to make life easier when using GF1. Check the history-file for a full list of changes.


The GF1-homepage has moved (again). It's now hosted on sourceforge.
The webpage should be a lot more stable, it's easier to download GF1 and there's a lot more possibilities for me (like mailing-lists and bug-reporting,...).


Here is version 1.02: This version makes it possible to use version makes it possible to use GF1 for playing games by e-mail, try it out. And because of license problems, GF1 now produces png-files instead of gif-files.


Here is version 1.01: It solves some minor bugs and improves the speed a the computer player. (It's still not as quick as version 0.99.5, but it's a lot closer)

I probably won't make any changes to GF1 for some time now, I want to try making a Tamsk playing program. (For those who don't know, Tamsk is a beautiful game by Kris Burm where your playing pieces are hour-glasses.)

If you have a problem with GF1, you can still send it to me. But if it's not a major bug, it may have to wait a bit for a solution.

Old news.

What is it

fullsize screenshot

GF1 is a computer program for playing the 2 player boardgame GIPF.
The program has a nice and easy to use graphical user interface.
You can play against another human (but the real game is better for that), against the computer, or let the computer play against itself.
The computer player is good enough to beat even the best human players at the moment (but it doesn't always win :-)).
The faster you computer, the better it plays. But even on a pentium 60, the computer can be hard to beat.

Where to get it

The latest available version is v1.03 (28/2/2000).

sourcecode for Linux and MS windows.
executable for Linux (glibc).
executable for Windows 95 / NT

(older versions of GF1 are available in the archive.)

If you want to be kept up-to-date of new developments, subscribe to the mailinglist.


  • Gipf was invented by Kris Burm and is IMHO One of the best games ever invented. More info at the Gipf homepage (the rules can also be found there).
  • GF1 was developed on Linux.
  • the computer player was written in C++, the graphical user interface was written using a library called FLTK written in C++.


  • Kris Burm for inventing Gipf and keeping me busy such long hours writing this program.
  • all the people from the Gipf-club who tested the program and helped to make it better.
  • Linus Torvalds and all the other Linux and free software developers.
  • Bruce Wampler for V and the possibility to write my program on Linux and compiling it also on Windows 95 with hardly any changes.
    REMARK: the newest version doesn't use this anymore, the latest version using V was 0.91b.
  • Bill Spitzak for FLTK.
  • Thomas Boutell for the gd-library.


  • GF1 © 1998-2000, Kurt Van den Branden. Released under the GNU General Public License (GPL).
  • GIPF, (C) en (R) Don & Co nv, 1997. All rights reserved.

Kurt Van den Branden

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